BOMA Capital

Invest with us and live financially free

Don´t risk your money and let is sit for lousy interests. Invest in real estate, virtually risk free.

Who we are...

BOMA Capital is an investment firm based in Austin, Tx and founded by Alejandra Manzo and Ricardo Bojalil. We have a long history investing in and turning around real estate for over 15 years. Trained in Tony Robbins financial programas, BOMA attempts to acquire land and, in partnership with management, and unique developers to be ahead of market creating outstanding value for investors.

Our vision

Exeed returns to our investors to be financially free!

Our values

Honesty, agility and transparecy to seek the next hot market.

Who we work with

Individual Investors

Real State Investors

Investmenst groups

Those seeking 30% + returns

Our unique process

We establish legal and taxing strategy for your investment.

We co-fund a project that guarantees returns above 20% anually.

You sit tight for 12-14 months.

You receive over 20% return on your investment and live financially free.

Some of our projects